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Wellcome to Seaside Whale Hotel & Qannevik Hotel


Hotel buildings are located on two different sites, not far from each other. Hotel Qannevik is centrally located in the city and has restaurant facilities which serve both hotels. Hotel Seaside is located directly on the water with a view to drifting icebergs. An amazing view.

Seaside Whale Hotel Qannevik Hotel

Here are 5 large rooms with private shower and toilet. There are TV and radio in each room.

There is access to a large balcony with the best view you could ask for.

It is possible to send and receive email, by agreement, on the floor above. No night noise.

Here there is 1 double bedroom and 3 single rooms. Single rooms can be made into doubles. All rooms have shared baths.

It offers an annex / guest to Hotel Qaannivik with 1 double room plus 3 singles.

The restaurant is in the main building, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In the basement there is also a small bar. Because of the central location choose many visitors craftsmen to stay here
Worth to see: Alluitsup Paa Picture Gallery

Ammassivik / Sletten
(de varme kilder)
Other cities

Is a Greenland village. With about. 285 inhabitants (As of 2011) is Alluitsup Paa or Sydprøven the largest settlement in the municipality. The settlement was founded in 1830..

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Courses and meetings can be arranged for up to 20 people
- Birthday
- Confirmation
- Wedding


 Landline . 619209
 Mobile. . . 496609
 Fax. . . . . .619090
 Email . . . .seaside


Latest news:
The Crown Prince and his wife visited us in Alluitsup Paa on August 2 in the morning. See the pictures from their visit:
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Latest news:
Come see our new church in Alluitsup Paa
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My name is Eigil Kjær. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by fax, phone or mail. seaside

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